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The market for private party, pre-owned inventory has always been an extraordinarily difficult market for dealerships to master. The investment in resources needed to efficiently tap into the ‘for sale by owner’ market often is more than any one dealership can handle.

Enter CarChing

CarChing is an innovative startup based in Austin, Texas centered around the idea of connecting the private seller market to the dealer market. We assist dealerships in acquiring a steady stream of high quality, pre-owned inventory from private sellers, reducing reliance on auctions, and tapping into the $160B private party automotive market.

Technology & Innovation

The world around us is based on automation. How can things get done quicker and more efficiently. CarChing has invested heavily into technology and process automation surrounding the entire vehicle acquisition lifecycle, allowing a more convenient workflow for our dealer partners. We continue to sharpen our tools on a daily basis, allowing you to Dominate the Private Seller Market.

Building Trust & Business Partnerships

Our business is based on strong partnerships and constant communication, making us different from your average vendor.

CarChing was founded on the idea of not only giving sellers a more transparent way to sell their vehicle, but also providing dealerships with a transparent way of purchasing vehicles. Our Founders have been involved in the buying of thousands of vehicles, all from the private seller market.

We are confident that CarChing can help your dealership purchase better pre-owned vehicles not only in these unprecedented times, but as a long-term solution to your inventory needs.

There are Many Advantages of Buying Vehicles From the Private Seller Market

Deep Inspection

Ability to inspect the vehicle in much greater detail

More Customers

Potential upsell/trade-in opportunity


Priced typically at or under MMR

Untapped Market

Less Competition – More Opportunities

Quality Ensured

Avoid the inventory passed around at auction

Peace of Mind

Don’t like the car? Don’t buy it

Less Acquisition Costs

No transportation & high auction fees

Better Used Vehicles

Higher Quality, Less Recon

More Referrals

Higher Referral Rate for Future Business

Ready to Start your Acquisitions Engine & Supercharge your Inventory?