Dominate The Private Seller Market

Our revolutionary technology gives you access to a steady stream of pre-negotiated, high-quality vehicles from the private seller market delivered directly to your fingertips via SMS, We work around the clock and leave no stone unturned.

There is no cost to sign up, no contract, and no monthly fee.

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The Founders at CarChing have facilitated the buying of thousands of vehicles from the private seller market. Our acquisitions machine runs 24/7, we source vehicles to your requirements, negotiate the deal and then book the appointments for you.
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Create an Account

There is no cost to sign up, no contract, and no monthly fee. CarChing charges a set amount for a vehicle once it’s purchased by you! If you don’t buy, you don’t pay. Period.
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Tell Us About Your Buying Parameters

This ensures that we’re looking for the right types of vehicles for your dealership. Options around year range, mileage range, price, vehicle, history, and much more.
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Activate Your Account, Sign Into Our Desktop Portal

Our revolutionary technology gives you access to a steady stream of pre-negotiated, high-quality vehicles from the private seller market directly to your fingertips.

Behind The Engine

High Quality Vehicles

CarChing invests significantly into technology and marketing tactics to generate easy buying opportunities for your dealership

Vehicle Buying Machine

Set certain buying parameters, our acquisition team will negotiate the deal on your behalf from start to finish

We Book The Appointments

CarChing adds the details of the deal to your personal portal. It’s as easy as clicking ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’. View everything from your App

Delivered Instantly Via SMS

Your acquisitions team will receive an instant SMS with all the details of the vehicle including the agreed price, MMR & retail data so you can make an educated decision

Dealer Portal

Deals Delivered Instantly via SMS

  • You can review the details on each potential deal from your phone through our APP, or by logging in to the Dealer Portal from your Desktop.

  • We include images of the vehicle’s, VIN, current mileage, MMR, current retail data and of course, our pre-negotiated price with the seller.

  • After you have accepted the pre-negotiated price, the private seller will be notified instantly and they will be prompted to set an appointment within the next 72 hours.

Counter Offers

  • The CarChing team will pre-negotiate the deals to fit your buying criteria, but in the event that the pre-negotiated price is slightly too high, you are able to submit a counter offer.
  • We will then take that counter offer to the private seller and attempt to further negotiate them down on the price.
  • Please keep in mind that these deals are aggressively negotiated in advance, so if you do need to counter then we highly recommend staying reasonably close to the original pre-negotiated price.

Appointment Calendar with 2-way Chat Capability

  • After the private seller selects a time and date, the appointment will automatically get added to your calendar inside the dealership portal with all of the relevant information.
  • Our system will send you an SMS notification that the private seller has selected a date and the appointment has been added to your calendar.
  • After this appointment has been set, you and your team will be able to initiate a conversation with the private seller directly from the dealer portal to help with rescheduling appointments, late appointments, more vehicle image requests etc.

Market Place

  • In addition to the pre-negotiated deals that we currently send your dealership, you will now be able to view other potential vehicles that match your buying criteria that are currently available to purchase in your area.
  • Our revolutionary technology will locate and add these vehicles to your personalized marketplace within your dealer portal. These listings have not been pre-negotiated, so all you have to do is pick out the ones you like, add in your price, and we will aggressively negotiate with the seller to try and meet that price.
  • Our AI technology learns what type of inventory you want more quickly if you add in as many prices on these listings as possible or mark the vehicles of No Interest.

Dealer Support

  • The CarChing team’s motto is to carry out every task with relentless determination. We have bought thousands of vehicles from private sellers and we all know how volatile the market is in these unprecedented times.
  • Our main objectives are not only to make sure our dealership partners are getting the right inventory at the right price, but also that they are getting full support whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Our dealer portal has a 2-way instant chat communication platform and our live team is always just one click away.

Happy Dealership Partners

We love our clients. Here are just a few of the amazing testimonials about our great results, personable services and knowledge.

“We had tried all of the popular project management apps, but none was a perfect fit for our company - until now! We're collaborating now better than ever before.”
Samantha Jane
Lark Productions
“I just signed up for the free trial last month and as soon as I started using the app, I knew it was going to become a core part of our team's workflow.”
Jake Warren
GM Studios
"I love the seamless integration with all of the services that we are already using. That was a huge selling feature for us. It all just simply works so well together.”
Kim Smith
Squant Media
“If you're on the fence- just go for it. I assure you that within the free trial period you'll be hooked and wish you found this much sooner!”
Rick Santos
Fresh Creative
“Our team has specific workflows and processes in place. We were now able to enhance and refine all of them. Highly recommended.”
Sarah Johnson
Blake Co.
“Our expectations were certainly exceeded. Everything is just so well thought out, and snappy. Their support team is excellent too!”
Jill Myers
Zincorp Ltd
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Sign up for FREE!

There is no cost to sign up, no contract, and no monthly fee. CarChing charges a set amount for a vehicle once it’s purchased by you